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Our Experiences
Our company has a long history in the aluminium windows and doors industry. Through the years of providing aluminium products for the market, the company realise there is an urgent need in providing a new system to solve problems faced in today’s small living & working space. Through years of continued research & development, a new door system is produced. Its operation cleverly combines the conventional sliding with the conventional swinging of existing door systems.
The new door system is named “P” & “d”, because of the resemblance of the shape of the aluminium profile to the 2 alphabets which is unique to this door system. Pd Door has since been used widely used & accepted in Singapore, garnering raving reviews from local & international developers, architects and home owners. Its high versatility, practicality, functionality and space savings attributed to its success.
The news of this innovative product soon goes beyond the shorelines of Singapore. Tradesmen from various countries expressed extreme interest in making available Pd Door system in their respective countries. Today, Pd Door is being used in many housing developments globally, providing for space solution and enabling better housing designs.
Our company has earned recognition as being the market leader for providing housing and construction solutions through innovative products. Constant research & developments are on-going to provide the industry with more innovative solutions. View our company’s latest News, Events & Happenings! View Pd Door latest Developments in China! (In Chinese)
Our standards We provide to our international partners:
•  High quality control over raw materials
•  Highly efficient operations process to enable competitiveness
•  Continuous Research & Development (R&D) internally and with international partners
•  Structured training
•  Continuous Support for sales & marketing